One Minute: Time is What We Do with It (1)

Ilustrasi: Waktu. (Ist)


Time is money. We often hear this Western life principle. This statement conveys to us that time is so valuable. It means that every time lost is likely similar with  losing money.

On the other hand, an Indonesian idiom that reads the same principle but offers different nuance, citing that “Money that’s lost could be gained again.  But time that past couldn’t be bought back.”

What happens in our daily real life is that we are more afraid of loosing money over loosing time. Occupying ourselves with works to do may will result with having  lot of money. However, we have to  consider that other may need our presence so that we all could enjoy our togetherness and to nurture social harmony.

Spoiling ourselves with cyber world, twitting through social media platform, exploring fantasy in online games  are indeed playful. However, going out to socializing with other in the real world is much more fruitful to our life.

It connect us with others and this is also significant to our life as social human-being. We need to have a balancing life through socializing, retreat and relaxing, praying.

There is time when we have to run business and manage our family members but there is also time to enjoy our hobbies and spending time and money for relaxing

A Latin proverb says “Nulla dies sine linea” which means that “no days without a line”. This reminds us that every second, minute and hour become timeline that never ends and never turn back. Past is past and we cannot regain it.

We are morally obliged to do good things in any opportunity we are attached with.

One second

A Greek historian Plutarchus (circa 1 century BC) said this phrase:

A tree as big as one human hug grows from a seed as small as mustard seed; a nine story towers is built from a pile of soil; a ten-kilometer journey can only be reached if a person is willing to take the first step”.

Plutarchus’ statements may similar with this  analogy:

“A newly hatched bird always depends on the mother. However, slowly it will grow bigger, learns to flap its wings and fly, then become mature to finally be independent. Not only that, the bird will have to starching for its own food and expected to procreate again”.

This analogy depicts a process of growing which begins from point zero until it stops at a certain point. In a year, there are 12 months, 52 weeks and 365 days.

The first day of those 365 days begins with “one second”. Hence, every second cannot be neglected to reach the 365th day in one year.

Thinking about it momentarily, one second is meaningless and has no influence as well. However, in the time cycle, just without one second; one year could not be happening. Each second determines one minute, one hour, one day until one year even one millennium. (Continued)


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