“Run4U” Attracts Thousands Interfaith Running-cum-Walking Enthusiasts Hosted by BPK PKK KAJ and PUKAT KAJ (1)

Run4U flag off by Father Chris Purba SJ as thousands of fun walking race participants commenced their 2.5 km. (Mathias Hariyadi)

THIS is an example of how two different catholic groups in Jakarta Archdiocese (KAJ) could manifest their synergy to generate a fruitful outcome.

It was on Sunday predawn morning as the sun still enjoys its sleepy time when thousands of people, old and young, boys and girls, adults and children, were already spotted en queue to Alam Sutera Shopping Mall compound in Serpong, Tangerang of Banten Province.

Dressed with their colorful attires with “signature” that reads “Run4U”, these people are from different social groups in Jakarta, different ethnics and definitely also different of their religious beliefs.

Fun sport race entitled “Run4U” hosted by BPK PKK KAJ dan PUKAT

But during and within the fun sport race event entitled “Run4U”, those people really enjoyed their morning time to have physical exercises with just running or slowly walking under  the morning’s fresh air in Alam Sutera Housing Compound.

The event takes its initial start in Alam Sutera Shopping Mall and the finish point will also meet the same area.

At least some 3.500 people from various social group, communities, ethnics and religious-based denominations joined this fun running-cum-walking race event.

Unity in Diversity

Yesterday’s fun sport race event is designed by both BPK PKK KAJ and PUKAT KAJ.

This activity is intentionally done to promote the very Indonesian true spirit “Bhinneka Tunggal Ika” which is popularly “translated” into “unity in diversity”.

It is within that framework of thoughts that the event finally adopted its official “branding name” as “Run4U” (Run for Unity) as its thousand participants are from different social ethnic and religious groups.

Two nuns join this “Run4U” fun walking-cum-running race in Alam Sutera Housing Compound on Sunday, 29 July 2018. (Mathias Hariyadi)

In a time when the pluralistic Indonesia society is seriously “in danger” due to massive the bad practice of “politics of identity” by manipulating religion to gaining political support from their “exclusive” groups, then any activity to promoting such nationalist spirit is politically crucial and significant.

It is within this great concern and other objectives that “Run4U” is generated and designed.

Its main objective –among others—is  to attract thousands of people to enjoy a social peaceful “fun platform” where every Indonesian citizen –city residents of Jakarta, Tangerang, and others—could really enjoy the friendly atmosphere of race sport event with “nationalist spirit” despite the fact that such fun race event is designed and orchestrated by Jakarta Archdiocese-based two catholic groups.

“Run4U” objectives.

Fruitful synergy

BKK PKK KAJ means “Badan Pelayanan Pembaruan Karismatik Katolik Keuskupan Agung Jakarta” or roughly translated into the Jakarta Archdiocese’s Body for the Charismatic Renewal Service”.

PUKAT KAJ means “Professional dan Usahawan Katolik Keuskupan Agung Jakarta” or Jakarta Archdiocese’s Professional and Business Community – a catholic group of which its members are the professionals and business people.

Through their first designed “collaboration” in the “Run4U”, both parties have managed to motivate their young enthusiasts to mingle together to execute their plan to do something fruitful for the church and the Indonesian modern society.

What could be done more interesting and full of fun rather than a sport fun race event such as “Run4U”?

Among its morale to boost the national spirit which is very crucial in this moment, BPK PKK KAJ and PUKAT KAJ also endorsed their charity program to provide financial packages to some potential recipients.


Speaking with AsiaNews, Widarani Paskah –the organizer’s spokeswoman—said that the financial package aids will be delivered to financially help to:

  1. Local Catholics in Larantuka Diocese in East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) Province to construct their church building in Pamakayo Station.
  2. Local Catholics in St. Leo the Great Parishioners to renovate their church in Bekasi.
  3. Local Catholics in St. Nicodemus in Ciputat of South Tangerang to renovate their pastoral service building.
  4. BPK PKK KAJ to execute their programs.

Mostly for others

“We do this Run4U mostly for the benefits of others,” explains Widarani.

So, despite fun sport race where thousands of walkers and runners could “compete” for fun, this “Run4U” is also a moment where all parties could enjoy several activities “all in” such as JoyRun, JoyWalk, Religious Music Festival and Bazaar.

JoyRun provides 5 km running track. And JoyWalk is 2.5 km for walking enthusiasts.

“This event has been strongly supported by the so-called runners community,” adds Widarani.

The long-term objective, she explains, is the boost morale among Catholics and other religious groups to boost their commitment to secure and defend the nationalist spirit of Indonesia as a pluralistic society.

Delivering his personal message to all participants through a recorded video presentation, Jakarta Archbishop Msgr. Ignatius Suharyo strongly extends his best appreciation to both BPK PKK KAJ and PUKAT KAJ for their real commitment to implement the pastoral spirit of the archdiocese which reads “The more you faithful, the more you become socially friendly and helpful to others and the more you become compassionate with others.”

If we don’t have good faith and never exercise our religious beliefs into good works and deeds, Archbishop Ignatius Suharyo in his statement, “then there must be ‘something’ in our faith. But if we happily  exercise our religious beliefs into good and fruitful deed to others, then we are spiritually fueled to do more to help others,” he said. (Continued)

Photo credit: Mathias Hariyadi









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