Poem: “I and a Piece of Twilight”

Ilustrasi: Tarian Pelangi Nusantara menjadi menu utama di acara pembukaan Jambore Nasional SEKAMI 2018 di Keuskupan Agung Pontianak, 3-6 Juli 2018. (Mathias Hariyadi

Deliberately I bring a piece of twilight
Because I, you and he perhaps enjoy dusk
Like dusk, its beauty disappear quickly
Sink beneath night

Life is not as beautiful as poetry
Don’t get lured into
Life sometimes sow wounds
Hence you must prepare

Life is not as appealing as flower
Dimples always seducing
But life shapes you to become strong and to persevere
Don’t lose faith

At the end of nightfall
With closed eyes and head bowed down
I whisper into You ear
My Lord… my destiny is yours

Written by Sr. Angela FCJM
Translated by Taufan Wijaya


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