Sr. Imelda SND: “I’m happy and proud of becoming a part of SND’s global history.”

Sr. Imelda SND shares her personal experience to undergo her noviceship in the Philippines. (Titch TV/Budi Handoyo)

WE met with Sr. Imelda SND in St. Mary’s Retreat House in the mountaineous resort of Tawangmangu in Karanganyar Regency, Central Java. She has just pronounced her first vows in the Soeurs de Notre Dame (SND) religious sister’s congregation two years ago, following her completion to undergo her noviceship in the Philippines.

Along with Mr. Budi Handoyo, our photographer, and Ms. Royani Ping, our producer, Titch TV had a special in-depth conversation with Sr. Imelda SND, a native from Indonesian Timor’s Kefamenanu in East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) Province.

She shared with us about how she enjoyed two-year long “discipleship” to become a SND nun along with her novice colleagues from foreign countries: PNG, South Korea, Vietnam, the Philippines, China as well as her own fellow Indonesians.

Sr. Imelda SND, a junior nun of the Soeurs de Notre Dame (SND) religious sister congregation from St. Mary’s Retreat House in Tawangmangu, Karanganyar Regency, Central Java. (Titch TV/Budi Handoyo)

To cope with challenges and managed to overcome them

“At first, a lot of challenges happened as my English was very limited. But gradually, the morale was strongly boosted by my colleagues so that I could manage to leverage my personal capacity,” recalls Sr. Imelda SND to Titch TV.

The most significant moment of this in-depth interviews with Sr. Imelda SND is indeed her personal “spiritual experiences” that as a young SND nun, she has ever got a special opportunity to have an international encounter with her fellow SNDs from other countries.

And for this magnificent chance to get to know better SND as an international religious congregation, says Sr. Imelda SND, “I am really happy and very proud to have become a part of the SND’s global and great history.”

  • Credit: Titch TV/Mathias Hariyadi.
  • Photo: Budi Handoyo.
  • Producer: Royani Ping.


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