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Capuchin Camp IV: 340 Young People from 17 Capuchin Parishes will Share the Biblical Joy

Undated file photo showed the footage of Capuchin Camp. (Capuchi Arch.)

IT will be the 4th forum where hundreds of  catholic young people from 17 parishes run by the Capuchin priests across West Kalimantan Province, Central Kalimantan Province and Jakarta Archdiocese will meet and share the moment. This gathering forum is called the Capuchin Camp IV.

Some 340 young people from the three provinces  will join the program. Each parish is advised to send their 20 delegates to participate this program.

The Capuchin Camp IV will take  place in Laverna Retreat House, Sanggau Kapuas, Sanggau Diocese in West Kalimantan Province.

The location is reached within five hours drive from the capital city of Pontianak, West Kalimantan Province.

Shared and boosted

This 4th Capuchin Camp adopts the theme “Share the True Biblical Joy.”

“The biblical joy is both opportunity and challenge,” writes Father Forgione OFMCamp to Sesawi.Net over the weekend reflecting on the upcoming Capuchin Camp IV next mid 14-17 June 2018.

Fr. Forgione OFMCap from the Capuchin Province of Pontianak.

It is called opportunity, he adds, as the Catholic Church will have the opportunity to meet these young people –the potential cadres for next leaders in the church and in the society—and to convince them to become “messenger” of the Good News.

Catholic spirituality will be taught to these young potential leaders. “We are challenged to coach them to absorb our catholic teachings and values aiming that they should not be easily influenced by unexpected values in the modern and secular society,” says the priest.

The absorbing process of catholic values, he adds, will be performed both personally and communally within a variety of “encounters” between participants and facilitators.

As this gathering program for the catholic youth is performed by Capuchin priests, then Franciscan spirituality will be shared with  them. “We  will share our Franciscan spirituality on what Jesus teaches and lives as told in the Gospel,” explains Father Forgione OFMCamp, one  facilitator of the meeting.

The joy of the catholic young people.

The core of this gathering forum sponsored by the Capuchin Province of Pontianak is mental and spiritual coaching with mentors from Capuchin  priests.

“This coaching and mentoring are presented through tutorial teachings and some spiritual exercises so that some creativity are expected to come to light,” explains Father Forgione OFMCap.

This creativity will be absorbed and shared in the plenary session so that each participant can likely  generate the same practice in their parish respectively.

“Through this method, they will be  encouraged to have more social awareness, spirit of servant leadership and good camaraderie in their social environment which means in the middle of variety of ethnicity, cultures and different values,” expresses the priest.

Various participants

Young people from Pontianak Archdiocese in West Kalimantan Province are these following parishes:

  • The Good Shepherd
  • St. Caecilia.
  • St.Theresia.
  • Christ the King.
  • St. Francis Assisi.
  • St. Peter.
  • St. Mary.
  • St. John the Baptist.
  • Sacred Cross.
Capuchin Camp III.

From Sanggau Diocese are the following parishes:

  • St. Immaculate Mary.
  • The Good Shepherd.
  • St. Paul the Apostle.
  • St. Mary.

From Sintang Diocese in West Kalimantan Province are these following:

  • St. Dismas.

From Palangkaraya Diocese in Central Kalimantan Province:

  • St. Paul.
  • Christ the King of the Universe.

From Jakarta Archdiocese:

  • St. Francis Assisi Tebet in South Jakarta.

Foreign participants will come from Sarawak in East Malaysia.



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