Greatest Love

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A Story
The orphaned house seemed silent that morning. The cold air in the village made the residents of the institution reluctant to leave the house. Yet, there are many activities done in the orphanage. This home accommodates children who lost their parents due to war.

Suddenly, the silence of the morning was broken by the sound of a mortar falling over the orphanage. The roof was falling apart and metal zinc flakes all over the room. As a result, many orphans were injured. There was a little girl who was wounded in the leg by a tin piece. Her legs almost broke up. She was lying on the ruins when she was found. She was immediately given help. Someone was sent to a nearby hospital for help.

When the doctors and nurses arrive, they begin to examine the wounded children. When the doctor sees the little girl, he realizes that the help for her needs most quickly is blood. He immediately looked at the orphaned archives to see if anyone had the same blood type. The nurse started calling the names of children who had the same blood type as the little girl.

A few minutes later, after collecting children who had the same blood type, the doctor asked if any of them were willing to give their blood to the little girl. The children looked frightened, but no one spoke.

Again the doctor pleaded, “Please, are some of you willing to give your blood to your friend? If not, she will die!”

Finally, a boy in the back raised his hand and the nurse laid him on the bed to prepare for the blood transfusion process. The little boy was holding the pain of a needle injection for the transfusion. He feels joy inside, for he can save his friend. That is the greatest love he can give to his neighbor.

The story deeply touched us. A little boy already understands the true love. He is able to give it to his fellow sufferers. This is what should be everyone’s spirit. This is what should be the basis of every person in the course of his life.

But there are people who are so selfish. There are people who are more selfish. They think that life is only for themselves. Therefore, they are very difficult to give their lives for the survival of others. In fact, they often make a lot of calculations. As a result, many people must suffer in this life.

Actually, giving our lives for the survival of others is more beneficial to ourselves. The attention we give to others will be fruitful for ourselves as well. The shape we are not so sure. But usually there are many other people who will also pay great attention to us.

As a believer, the passion to give our lives to the life of others must be based on a true spirit of love. For the believer, that love must be the greatest in life. Only with that love, the believer is able to give his or her life to others in need. Let us live that love in the course of our lives. Thus, we can practice that love in real life.

God, encourage us to always love one another, not only through words but in real actions. Let these days love shine in our hearts, so that we can be your good sons and daughters. Amen.



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