Dare to Apologize for Errors

Ilustrasi: Minta ampun dan memberi maaf dalam pementasan teater "Anak yang Hilang". (Mathias Hariyadi)

A Story

Many people are not easy to apologize for the mistakes that have been done. Why? Because they feel that their self-esteem will fall if it is really known that what they have done is wrong.
As a result, they persist in their own eyes. And if people dare to say sorry for the mistakes he made, of course the situation would be better. Maybe a bad relationship can be reestablished.

The former champion grand champion named Asashoryu apologized to his former colleagues, a month after he declared himself retiring from the traditional Japanese sport. The 29-year-old Asashoryu is a Mongolian Sumo player with the original name Dolgorsurengiin Dagvadorj.

“I am Asashoryu or whoever named it, feel sorry that in addition to winning the Emperor Cup (Japan) I also often cause problems,” he said.

The Grand champion was indeed involved in several disputes with the Japanese sumo authority, especially regarding its behavior. He was eventually asked to resign after being caught drunk and fighting outside a nightclub in Tokyo. The sumo authority then asked him to resign rather than face the threat of dismissal.

He wants to change his life for the better. “I am very grateful for your support, so as to win the Emperor Cup 25 times. I am 30 years old now and I hope I will enter a new phase of life well,” Asashoryu stated.

We live with others. We are social beings who always have a relationship with others. What we make always has an impact on that common life. Therefore, when we make a mistake or sin, others will be affected. They feel the consequences of our mistakes or sins.

In doing so, we are invited to try as much as possible to reduce the negative impact of our actions against others. If we make a mistake or sin, we are expected to dare to apologize. Only then will our common life become more normal. We can share the good among us. We can find joy and happiness in this life.

The story above urges us to bravely sincerely apologize for the mistakes that we have done. We do not need to defend our opinions that have obviously caused difficulties in other people’s lives. People who have sincere intentions to improve the unfavorable circumstances will earn rewards in their lives. Let us strive to live well before God and others. Thus, our life becomes a blessing for others.



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