God always Loves Us

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A Story

One day a young man prayed to God. In that prayer, he asks, “Lord, if I keep Your commandments, go to church every week without ever absent, I diligently read the Bible, in my every action I never forget to include You by praying in You, I also dedicate one-tenth part my income for You sometimes even I give You all. What can you give me, God?”

Apparently God listened to his question. God replied, “I will give you tears, My son.”

The young man was stunned to hear God’s answer. He paused for a long time. He thought very hard to understand God’s purpose. After a while, the young man said, “God, I’ve been thinking so hard. But I cannot understand why You give me all the trials and tribulations so I cry. Why do not you give me pleasure, so I laugh, God?”

“My beloved Son, I give you those tears because I miss you,” says God.

The young man was not satisfied with God’s answer. “But Lord, if for all that I have given, You only give me tears, is this fair God?” the man asks again.

God is sad to hear the youth’s question. God says, “My child, do you know how I love You so much? There is not one bit of my intention to make you suffer eventhough you often forget Me when you’re having fun. When you cry, at that moment I cry. I give you tears, so you come to Me where I can hold You in My arms. So I can wipe those tears away. I miss you so much, My child. With that tears, you will be strengthened.”

This imaginative story shows that God always loves His creation. God do not forsake His creation to suffer alone. God still wants to accompany us in whatever circumstances our lives.

In this life we experience ups and downs. Our lives are not always above or below. This shows that we should always strive to bring our life closer to God. If we want to let God be involved in our lives, be assured we will always find happiness in this life.

The problem is that many of us are often desperate. We so easily give up on our messy living situation. We so easily give up on our unfavorable living conditions. Of course, this is not favored by God. We should always rise from our adversity. We should keep trying hard to penetrate every issue of life that we experience.

We often do not understand when we get trials. Yet, we should always believe that the temptation exists because God really miss us. In the ordeal, God is present. God extends his help to us. Let’s try to get closer to God, because God always loves us. May God always bless us.

Frans de Sales SCJ


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