There is No Second Chance

IIustrasi: Opportunity. (Ist)

A Story

There was a friendly old man who usually stops occasionally in an antique shop in a city, to sell furniture. One day, after the man left, the proprietor’s wife said he was eager to tell the old man how much he was happy for his visit.

Her husband said, “Next time we say that to him.”

The following month, a young woman came and introduced herself as the daughter of the friendly parents. He told me that his father had died a few days ago. The shopkeeper’s wife told her husband’s conversation after the last visit from the old man.

Hearing her, the young woman looked teary with tears. She said, “It would be nice if it had been told to my father. He’s a man who needs to be encouraged. ”

The shopkeeper’s wife said, “From that day whenever I think of something good, I say it immediately to them. I may never get a second chance.”

Life is not always easy. But we are all given the same time and opportunity to do good and right things for ourselves and others. People often easily postpone the things they should be doing. People also feel guilty about things they do not immediately do. Instead they relaxed as if nothing had to be done.

The story above gives us the inspiration that a good thing should be done as soon as possible. Do not procrastinate doing things that are good for others. Procrastination means we are wasting time that will never come back again.

William Feather said, “Things are not always good. The delaying person acts until all the support factors actually do nothing.”

Today we are given the opportunity to do good and useful things for our lives and others. Therefore, let us do good and right things to please ourselves and others. In this way, our lives today are truly valuable.

Frans de Sales SCJ


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