Discerning Grace in Human Experiences (6)


Despite that entire evil environment In Latin America, Boff believes and indicates that through faith we can still see grace of God working in this situation. Even, we can still be optimist that, despite the ambiguous tension between grace and sin, there is always a surplus of grace. As witnessed by Christ in his way of The Cross, we can be sure that grace will overcome even the most extreme evil.

Boff mentions some of the indications of grace’s presence: “The grace of God can be seen in the rise of new kind of sociological reflection that unmasks imperial ideologies and fosters the ideal of liberation.

The grace of God can be seen in the burgeoning pedagogy of the oppressed, which enables them to effect their own liberation, not in order to take revenge or oppress others but in order to take more responsible control of their collective destiny. The grace of God can be seen in the sense of solidarity with the wretched of the earth that prompts people to join them as human beings in the effort to facilitate love among human beings.”3

Boff moreover, shows that even the victory of God’s grace can be seen, as he said:”The victory of God’s grace can be seen in the fact that the common people somehow manage to retain their freedom even though their freedom even though they are oppressed socially and politically. Oppression has not succeeded in dehumanizing them. They remain free in their popular culture, their religious practice, their music, their cuisine, and their language. They have not stopped being hospitable, gracious, and jovial in their music, their festivals, and their get togethers.”4

What Boff shows us are really clear signs of God’s grace inspiring, strengthening, accompanying and moving the people in Latin America towards their liberation. So far, Boff has shown that grace and disgrace are simultaneous reality in Latin America. He has even said that every human being cannot completely only be graced or dis-graced.


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