Building Mutual Belief among Us

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A story.

Janet has long lived married with her husband. In fact, she was blessed with three sweet children. She loves them so much. She devoted her whole life to them. She educates them with a high spirit of faith. Her days she offered for the children and her husband.

But one thing that still hampers her is that she remains suspicious of her husband. She is not so easy to believe in her husband. She still feels that for the past eleven years as husband and wife, her husband still has something. She was suspicious of her husband.

On several occasions her husband has convinced her that she is very fond of his wife and children. But Janet still does not want to accept it. She is still suspicious of her husband. Especially when her husband is often late return from his office. Though the company demanded to work overtime.

Such conditions make her husband feel restless. He feels disbelieved by the person he really loves. He was disappointed. Though he devoted his entire life to his wife and children. But why would his wife have more confidence in cheap gossip about him?

One day, he said to Janet, “If you still do not believe me, how will we live together? Look at these three sweet children. They are the fruit of both of us. What else do you still want from me?”

Janet cannot answer. Since then, she began to believe in her husband. She took it wholeheartedly, whatever would happen to her husband.

Trusting each other in this life is a demands of life. Especially in married life as husband and wife. In marriage life, mutual trust is absolutely necessary. People must always trust each other. The atmosphere of mutual trust will make it easier for couples to establish a happier life.

In doing so, people must dare to give his or her life for others. That is, people also dare to accept others with all the advantages and disadvantages. This is not easy, because everyone is unique.

But if people want to work together for their common life, people would find happiness. People would find this life to be very valuable and meaningful. For that, people need to listen to each other. People have to open their ears widely for others. People do not have to pay too much attention to gossips or ongoing oblique news.

As believers, we certainly want our lives to be more valuable and meaningful. We want us to be trusted by others too. If we want others to believe in us, we must live honestly and honestly. We have to be faithful to each other. God always blesses you.

Frans de Sales SCJ


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